All Natural Nose and Paw Balm

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All Natural 4 ingredient 4 oz Nose and Palm Balm

When creating a Balm it was extremely important to me as a Dog Mom to create something I would not be personally scared of my own dog to lick. This is why we careful chose these 4 Dog Safe Ingredients.

 Our natural healing ingredients will help keep your dog's paws and nose moisturized and prevent cracking which can be extremely painful for dogs during all seasons of the year. Especially Summer time with the extremely hot floors! 

If you take your dog on walks this is a great way to make sure your pups paws stay Hydrated! 

BEESWAX: Acts as an anti-inflammatory to calm and sooth your pups Paws and Nose. A natural way to help heal an irritation. 

Coconut Oil: Helps protect your pups paws and nose from getting sore and irritated. Not only does it help moisturize, it can act as a protective balm just like Beeswax, and create a barrier between your dogs paws, and any irritants.

Virgin Olive Oil: Contains phytonutrients, vitamin E, & omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your pup's skin moisturized. 

Vitamin E: Helps soften and heal cracked and dry Paws.

Keep in a Cool Dry Place for best results. 

Customer Reviews

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Arieanna gomez
Saving my dobermanns paws

My pup loves it ! Her paws are so soft after day 5 of constantly using it. I really do see the difference and i am so thankful for this product ! I even ordered a candle lol. My Dobermann’s paws get so dry so fast this has helped more then it should’ve! Even must try !!!

Osiris Vazquez

I (and my pup) absolutely loved this product! The nose and paw balm made his paws look and feel so much better. I love that it’s all natural, it smells great, and is lick safe! A definite 10/10, would recommend this product to anyone with a pet! Shipping was also very quick!

Isabel R.
Nose/Paw Balm

Sooo easy to use and really softens my pups paws. She’s had problems with dry paws and I just learned they can hurt her so I got her this hoping it would prevent super dry paws. And to my surprise it works like a charm. You get a huge amount of this balm which I love and it’s budget friendly too! <3

Brisa Gamino

Amazing products!!!

Kiley Hight

Fast shipping and awesome products! Will for sure order again soon!