About Us

Hi! My name is Andrea and my Husband (Ryan) and I adopted Everest almost 4 years ago! He is a Lab mix and we love him more than life itself. A few months ago I was uneducated about the dangers of bad essential oils and how they can affect the health of your pet. I brought home Wintergreen and Pine and had it all over the house and noticed quickly Everest's health started to decline. We brought him to the vet 3 times and no one could find out what was wrong with him or causing him to be sick. We had multiple tests done and everything was find but seeing his symptoms it was obvious something was making him sick. It was the scariest week of my life. I did my own research and thought it had to be something in our house causing him to be extremely ill, and immediately threw away anything with scents/bad essential oils. Everest started to feel better and I called his vet to make them aware and they confirm it was the scents causing him to become ill. This is when I realized, I and so many others are not educated enough on how the candles and scents we all use in our homes are dangerous for our pets' health. This is when I decided I wanted to help educate and create safer homes for pets with L & E Candle Co! Creating Homemade/Hand Poured Candles has become a true passion. Everest and I appreciate all your help and support to help make safer homes for all pets.
In Summary
L & E Candle Co is a South Florida Based Family owned Business and is Operated by Andrea Jara and Dog Everest (He keeps me company and looks cute while I give him treats.) Business, Marketing and Design is all made in house by Andrea in South Florida. As we continue to Grow as a Pet Friendly Candle Co we want to thank everyone person who believes in this dream and help more pets have a healthier environment at home! 
All Candles are 100% Soy Based and made with 100% Pet friendly Essential Oils.